Complementary accumulation and decumulation tools target retirement security for all

IRALOGIX, a leading retirement industry fintech provider, today announced a partnership with PensionPlus, an innovative decumulation solution that makes it easy for retirement plan participants to create a highly personalized retirement plan designed to last for their entire lives while keeping their current investments.

According to industry leader and PensionPlus CEO Shlomo Benartzi, “Collaborating with IRALOGIX will allow PensionPlus to further its goal of democratizing retirement income planning for all participants, including the tens of millions of Americans relying on IRA accounts.”

“We are honored to partner with Shlomo Benartzi and his team at PensionPlus as we integrate the most advanced post-retirement drawdown solution with the power of IRALOGIX’s groundbreaking IRA technology,” said David Bernard, Chief Executive Officer at IRALOGIX. “Together, we are creating fundamental change across the IRA and Wealth Management industries on behalf of every investor and all those who support them. PensionPlus gives IRA investors total control over their retirement savings and the opportunity to customize their retirement ‘paycheck’ for their specific needs.”

In 2024, 11,000 Americans are expected to celebrate their 65th birthday daily. Many struggle to convert their savings into a retirement paycheck that lasts the rest of their lives. Others are concerned about adhering to their income plan once in retirement and ensuring they don’t outlive their savings. Americans need a new and better way to create a personalized plan that matches their goals and preferences.

With PensionPlus, the benefits are clear: participants get a sustainable retirement paycheck while remaining in complete control of their investments (no transfer of assets required). In addition, PensionPlus monitors the plan (including spending and withdrawals) and adjusts the plan as needed based on portfolio performance and inflation. Additional features include an annual bonus payment and tax optimization. By creating an easy and affordable lifelong solution, PensionPlus aims to give all Americans the peace of mind they deserve in retirement.